Worried about being awkward in front of the camera?  We provide a warm, familiar vibe during your session or wedding to make you feel like we've been long lost friends.  Getting to know you at more than a client/vendor level is super important to us. 

The truest of moments tend to just appear when that natural connection is formed with you.

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We met our husbands in high school and have felt that young, innocent love, but are there really words to describe love? That is why we became wedding photographers.  Being able to look back at certain moments of you & your soulmate is the best way to feel all those feels over & over again.  So, when you can't find the words, allow your photos to tell the story.

We are obsessed with love of all kinds


Being able to re-live the purest of moments from your wedding or special milestones of life shouldn't even be a question.  Memories are meant to be remembered, photos are meant to display them.   

why your photos are just as important to us

We're storytellers...

Hiiiiiiii my name is Aleasea! i am the proud owner and photographer at Rooted PhotoCo.  I am a BIG fan of love stories (hence our tag line "Here for the Lovers)." I am currently living out my happily ever after with my two sweet babes (Jensen Jay and Drue Guinevere) and high school sweetheart, Joe!  

As a photographer, I am passionate about capturing moments as they are. Not every photo will be perfect, but guess what life and relationships aren’t perfect. I want your gallery to reflect who and how you are as a person, couple, and family. Don’t worry, I will be guiding you through your day and reminding you to breathe and take in every moment, because time flies by and you deserve to have those moments back in photographs.

My vision for RPC was to create a team of strong and sassy women who create the best experience for our clients!  Our bold, rich, and beautiful documentary style galleries are truly the best. Follow along as I introduce my team!


Fuelled by her dual obsessions of caffeinated beverages and furry companions Mel loves to embrace each day and situation with a smile on her face! 
Mel is the girl you want in your corner when you are celebrating your high highs or experiencing any lows. She can take any type of chaos and create a beautiful gallery.


Meet Sarah, the ultimate multitasker who conquered the chaos of planning her elopement while juggling the roles of wife (RPC BRIDE), supermom of two incredible kids, and the biggest cheerleader on the sidelines of her son's sports! 
Sarah embraces every challenge (especially every reception dance floor) with grace. This makes each gallery fun and timeless! 


Introducing Hallie, our Gen Z firecracker with a vintage soul! Looking for a girl who can handle it all? Look no further... holding titles like Kick Ass Mama to Leilani and Liam, Sergeant in the National Guard, Soon-to-be Nurse, DIY Queen, and RPC Editor-Assistant, Hallie wears more hats than a hat shop!

When it comes to your galleries, Hallie the gal who adds the Rooted PhotoCo magic! She is an empath to the core and may even tear up while editing your beautiful gallery. With Hallie on the team, you can bet your bottom dollar that no detail goes unnoticed.


Let's give it up for Samantha, the wizard of making our wildest dreams come true! She is the ultimate girl's girl and we hit the jackpot having her on board. We wonder if Samantha has a secret stash of extra hours in the day! Between wrangling her boys (Jetson & Jack), being Josh's, top-notch wife, a business leader, a soft autumn color analysis aficionado, and spearheading as RPC's content genius- it's a wonder if she even sleeps!

As a former RPC bride turned team member she is always putting the client experience front and center From shaping our social media presence to designing all of our branding, she is an invaluable asset to the team. You might even spot her friendly face at sessions or weddings, where she seamlessly introduces "content creation" as a must-book service!


Hands down our couples' walking back down the aisle after being announced at the ceremony.  Those first few moments to celebrate & feel the love is super special.

Aleasea's favorite part of a wedding day

The perks of two photographers on your wedding day are endless.  You should never have to be in the position of "this or that" when it comes to your shotlist, cause we will be getting ALL the angles every second of the day.

Plus, it's double the fun.

We work better together

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